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Support for Families with Children with Special Needs

Parent Centers, located across the country, work together to improve outcomes for children with disabilities. Support and education is given to families of children of all ages (birth to 26) and all disabilities (physical, cognitive, behavioral and emotional). The majority of staff and board members are parents of children with disabilities themselves bringing personal experience to their work.

  • Support and information about a specific topic or need is provided to individuals through telephone calls, emails, and face to face meetings

  • Educational trainings, presentations and conferences provide information and skill building

  • Websites, newsletters and social media posts help families with up to date researched based materials, resources, local news and events

  • Outreach contacts and event tables connect the community

  • Success stories are shared and empower families to help their children

  • Materials are provided in languages other than English based on the needs of the families


Parent Centers can

  • Talk to you about your specific concern or question

  • Help you understand your child’s disability and how to help

  • Give you lists of service providers, support groups and other resources in your community

  • Recommend articles, books, videos and upcoming workshops/events related to your child’s disability

  • Empower you to be an effective partner in your child’s education

  • Teach you how to navigate about service systems

  • Give you information to help you make decisions

  • Connect you to community events, workshops, support groups and other services

  • Listen

Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) and Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) are funded through the U.S Department of Education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


For more information or to find the Parent Center that serves your community, check out The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CIPR).

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