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The NYS Transition Partners holds conferences in collaboration with other organizations and provide scholarships for families and young people to attend.


An Employment First Event


June 4-5, 2019

Marriott Hotel, Albany, NY

The  Partners in Employment Summit, presented by the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation, will provide targeted sessions this year as we did last year, to educate, advocate and promote how, in New York, there is a need to engage businesses for profit and not for profit, school districts and transition specialists, general and special education, parents and family supports, labor workforce development, local and state systems, and community rehabilitation providers, regionally and statewide to work together to build and offer services within a system that can and will assist any New Yorker – with or without disabilities – to be employed!


Consider joining this event to learn more about the following Employment First topics:

  • Engaging Business - Strengthening HR policies to support the hiring of people with disabilities

  • Workforce Development activities promoting full inclusion

  • Integrating students with disabilities into Career and Technical Education

  • Transition planning For Career Success - What Students and Families Need to Know!

  • Workbased Learning that WORKS!

  • Manufacturing in NY needs a Workforce – Apprenticeship Anyone?

  • Work Incentives that People, Parents and Businesses need to know about

  • Discovery & Assessment Models that offer Promising Practices

  • Working with Parents & Family Support Systems Achieving Success for Job Seekers with Disabilities

  • Parent/Professional Partnerships in Guiding Young Adults in the Workforce

  • Professional Etiquette & Communication Skills

  • Assistive Technology in the Workplace


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It is also supported by the NYS State Transition Partners. Scholarships for registration fees and hotel room stay will be available to eligible participants.  Deadline for scholarship application is May 29, 2019.

Click here to apply for a scholarship!

Questions on the scholarship?  Please call Nancy at 716/332-4165 or via email at nsc@parentnetworkwny.org