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What to expect when applying for ACCES-VR

  1. Your teacher and/or guidance counselor should be talking to you about ACCES-VR and the services that they can provide as you exit high school and move on to your post-secondary goals. (i.e. go to college, go to work)
  2. You then talk to your parents about ACCES-VR and decide if you feel it is right for you. ACCES-VR is a voluntary program; you have to apply for services and be found eligible.
  3. Before you say No, make sure you have asked questions and received information on how helpful ACCES-VR services can be as you are working toward your work goal.
  4. YES!!! I want to apply for ACCES-VR Services
  5. Meet with your Teacher/School Counselor and tell them you want to apply for ACCES-VR services

  6. You need to complete the application to the best of your ability. Ask for help if you need help, be honest, and answer the questions
  7. Answer the questions on the application and sign and date the releases. (this gives ACCES-VR permission to look at your documents and determine eligibility)
  8. After the packet is completed (questions answered, releases signed) return it to the Teacher/Counselor that gave you the packet. The Teacher/Counselor will then complete their part of the packet and include a copy of your Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan, a current psychological evaluation and any other requested documents.
  9. You and your parent/guardian will be invited to a meeting with the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) assigned to your school that will determine your eligibility. You will go over the packet and answer any other questions the VCR may have about you. Use your Self-advocacy skills, let the VRC know your plans and the type of support you will need for success.
  10. You will receive a let from ACCES-VR that will tell you if you are eligible and they want to set up another meeting to start developing your Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE).
  11. If you are found ineligible for ACCES-VR services you will receive a letter that explains why you have not been found eligible. Read the letter carefully, ACCES-VR may require more documentation or need other information to find you eligible, gather the required information and reapply for services.
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