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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

(ACCES-VR & NYS Commission for the Blind)
Young Adult and Parent Responsibilities


If you have been found eligible for Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR Services) or New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB), you will now work with your Counselor to develop your plan of employment. You and your counselor will both have responsibilities in the process and the plan. Adulthood comes with responsibilities, with responsibilities comes goals, and with goals comes success. Below are some of your responsibilities when receiving ACCES-VR services.

  • Meet with your counselor to talk about your work goal. Talk to your counselor about your options and what services can help support you working toward your goal.

  • Keep counselor aware of any changes with your address and phone number. It is important that they know how to reach you.

  • Keep all your appointments. If you cannot make the scheduled meetings call your counselor and reschedule.

  • Follow medical and treatment recommendations.

  • When your counselor asks you for a copy of grades, your next semester schedule, or any reports make sure they get a copy as soon as possible.

  • Keep in contact with your counselor to let them know if you will not be able to carry out the plan or if circumstances will affect your plan.

  • Let your counselor know if you get a job. You and your counselor have been working toward your goal, share the news with them.


As your child becomes a young adult there will be times when they need to be their own best advocate. Working with an ACCES-VR or NYSCB Counselor is one of those times. The Counselor will be looking to the young adult to express their work goals and what they feel they need to succeed. Your support is appreciated and needed as transition to adulthood takes place. This is not always easy and you may have difficulty letting go, but remember you have raised a young adult that has goals, dreams and the ability to succeed when given the correct supports.

  • Talk to your young adult about their work goal. Honest conversations about what it will take to reach their goal and what barriers they may come across in the process.

  • Support your young adults work goal and decisions. Help guide them when they are unsure.

  • Allow your young adult to answer the counselor’s questions on their own. Attending the meeting is being supportive but let a relationship happen between the young adult and the counselor.

  • Remind your young adult to keep their counselor informed of any changes in address or phone number or to get requested documentation to the counselor.

  • Encourage your young adult to use services that will help them continue to be successful as they work toward the goal.

  • Continue to help your young adult work toward independence in making decisions.

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